Chapter 30

My birthday was September 20th and I had a wonderful time. I went out to eat with my mother in the afternoon and in the evening, I went out with friends. I had a really good time, I went to a place called Frankie’s where you can drive go karts and laser tag (and drinks) . Then we went to a gentleman’s club and I loved it. As I said before, I’m not gay but I believe in being in a cool environment, that place was fun . The women weren’t just taking their attire off and shimmying around nude, they are doing some moves that are beautiful and if not done properly could cause injuries. These women earn every penny. After that, we went out to eat and I went back to my big king size, hotel room bed and went to sleep. Now I woke up the next day to a slight headache but I was happy. Since I’ve turned 30, I don’t feel old, I feel about 23-24. I think a little more about actions and reactions.

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