Teeth, Vanity and Low Confidence

I have always been complimented on my smile but like some, I have some imperfections, like I have a yellow spot on my third front tooth and a white spot on the left side. Besides having that and other issues, that’s not an issue for me, my issue is having missing teeth. I don’t mind the wisdom teeth being removed but to have the main (visible) teeth possibly being removed is frightening. I’m supposed set up an appointment with the dentist but I’m so scared guys. My smile is one of the things that have helped me boost my confidence and to lose that would be crushing. I know that’s not all I offer but I just would feel a little inadequate. But I would be a bigger fool if I didn’t go to the dentist to get the proper medical aid. He’s a good dentist too in the area, so I don’t have an excuse. It’s just fear and vanity, the possibility of losing something that could possibly help me get closer to my dream of becoming a wife and mother. Yes I said it, I’m scared that I’ll become unattractive and lose my chance to meeting someone special. I know that’s selfish as hell but I know that people look in others mouths when they communicate with others. That image imperfection can mess with getting jobs as well too. You don’t know how many times I’ve seen people pick on a person because of their dental issues. It’s messed up. It’s sad and embarrassing to me because I have bigger things to be worried about but this is getting to my spirit, it’s even worrying me in my dreams, so I really don’t have a choice.
So do you guys have issues with confidence?

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