2019 Rollercoaster

2019 was a rollercoaster, I’m back in school years after leaving, I got a job promotion, loss my uncle, blocked a few people who I thought were friends, I gained a new friend, and I realized that if you’re given an opportunity to see another day, cherish it. For 2020, I pray that I have the rest of my family . I hope that I meet new people that are emotionally stable and spiritually aware of their surroundings. I hope for  a better relationship with God and my family especially my brother and sister. I hope I meet a special person that will start a relationship with me and I don’t ruin it with self doubt and insecurities. I hope I can finally graduate with a college degree because it’s been nine years overdue and I believe it will open a new chapter in my life. I pray that I gain a better sense of discernment and become more vocal about wrongdoings that may approach me or others. Last but not least, I hope to build relationships here on this blog and help anyone that may come across this blog.

Happy New Year and please be safe.



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