Youtubers Caught Scamming

I believe its time to unveil the scams these youtubers are committing to get our money. I have a top ten list of youtubers that have been scamming their subscribers . Its time and if you guys have youtubers in mind for me to check out please tell me.

6 thoughts on “Youtubers Caught Scamming

  1. I have a lot. But the thing is, they’ve reached a point where they’re so popular, it really doesn’t matter what they do, people will still want to be their friends and want to subscribe to them anyways. It’s sad but it’s true.

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  2. Not quite sure I understand the post. I subscribe to so vloggers on Youtube but I don’t pay them anything. I don’t even pay YouTube. I am subjected to YouTube advertising. How are they scamming people out of money? Do you pay them directly?


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