Goodbye Alcohol (For Now)


I went out with a dear friend last night and I drank a little bit too much. I messed up when I only ate soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Big mistake, when you drink a vast amount of alcohol, please eat a full meal (particularly an American meal of burgers and fries). Eat that about two to three hours before you have a couple of drinks.
Anyway, I still had a good time. Even though I had to vomit on the side of NC Highway 98, I had a great time . I won’t be drinking for a while though guys, I was a little bit nervous last night because I was starting to shake when I was talking  out with my friend. My hands were shaky. My nerves were uneasy. That never happens.
I have to say ladies and gentlemen this is one thing I won’t miss. I’ll drink a glass of wine but liquor, no, hell no.

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