Christianity and Tarot Card Reading

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the occult, I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ , I believe that he’s my savior. He is the alpha and the omega in my life. Even though I have not been in church in a long time, I still believe that he gave up his life for me and my sins.

I had to put a disclaimer on this post because I’m about to touch on a subject that may piss off a lot of people. I have always been interested in tarot card reading, since I was a young girl. I believe that I have a gift of seeing things before they happen, they are not vivid but they are come through in signs. For example, I have a dream about fish one day and then two or three days later a relative says that they are pregnant or they have a new job with better pay. Dream interpretation says that when you dream about fish, it means fertility, productivity, and growth. Now there are other circumstances when coming to that conclusion but it helps set my mood. It helps me understand if I need to stay alert or stay on the right track. I understand that soulmates are not just lovers, they are your friends and family members. When I walk into rooms with people, I can read the energies and moods very well. If the mood isn’t right, I get really sick to my stomach and I have to go to the bathroom. I look at numbers, like 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555. The older I get the more I’m starting to see that there’s more that meets the eye. I have always wanted to read cards and see what to look for and what warnings to heed. Not fortune telling.  Will I buy the tarot cards? I don’t know. I just don’t know.  I have to read a little bit more before I purchase them.

7 thoughts on “Christianity and Tarot Card Reading

  1. I was very intrigued about what you were going to say about Christianity and Tarot Card Reading. However, I was a bit disappointed that there was really nothing said. I would suggest however that you pray about this and ask the spirit to guide you into all truth. As believers we must be very careful with not only people who disturb our inner spirit but also with everything that we allow to enter our spirits such as this medium. The word does indeed caution us about such matters and I encourage you to talk with your spiritual advisors and continue to research before pursuing anything further. Peace and blessings always.


  2. Thank you for sharing. I too am in the same boat. I actually purchased a set of tarot cards only for self-care and journaling purposes. They helped me a lot. I have been a very spiritually sensitive soul since I was a child (prayers being answered almost instantly and vivid dreams coming true). I too am a follower of Christ and I have strong spiritual connection to God. He is my Savor and Christ is my redeemer. But my mother recently found my cards and became really upset. I am in no way a member of occult nor partake in practices related to them. However I am trying hard to understand what it means to be spiritual being having a human experience in this world. I am finding with Christianity I notice so many followers whom are religiously strong and spiritually weak.

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    1. Oh my goodness thank you for sharing this with me . It’s was very difficult sharing this one because I was nervous about the reactions. My mother got nervous and said I was doing witchcraft when she saw me burning sage. I was cleansing the house after my uncle passed away in our home. I knew it had to be done because of all the different energies that were going to be in my home. It’s like you don’t want to make God angry but curiosity is overwhelming.


      1. I often find that people sometimes think of God as a small minded creature instead of knowing him as larger than life. larger than we can think or imagine. And I try to think of all of this as intent and purpose especially as it relates to our spirit. A motto that I learned in 2017 when I rededicated my life to Christ is “Spirituality is inside out, and religion is outside in.” As I explore this concept I often find myself wondering what really feeds my spirit?

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      2. Religion, especially religion in the black community is another aspect that’s very touchy because of slavery. I think it’s sad that the black community is still suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I believe god is real because he’s saved my life, so many times and has taken out of dark times but I believe there’s more that he has to offer as well. Especially for people that may have gifts.


      3. Completely agree!!! I am currently just trying to listen and be still for His command in regards to utilizing divination tools like tarot. I think listing to our convictions are key when it comes to our religion.


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