Workplace Rant: Accountability

According to Google, this is the definition of Accountability.


the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
This workplace rant is a bit different because, I have to own up to the bullshit that I witnessed and tried to turn a blind eye to Thursday morning. I witnessed an older coworker bully a younger coworker. The younger coworker (aged 24-25) is new to the United States and there’s still a language barrier, the older coworker (aged 54) has been working at the company for two years. The older coworker has been moved to different departments because of her difficulties working with other people. Thursday morning,  I witnessed the older coworker scold the younger coworker so badly that the younger coworker wanted to quit at that moment. Myself and another person saw it but the other person doesn’t want to be apart of the situation.
All of this is over the fact that she (the older coworker) was moved to another section in our department. I know, childish as hell. Well, the younger coworker went to our lead and I told the lead that I saw what happened. I did but after saying it, there was some regret because there was a possibility that the older coworker could lose her job and I don’t want anyone to lose their money or their livelihood. However, when you make it your purpose to make someone’s life a living hell because you’re not getting what you want. That is bullying and I was wrong as hell for not speaking up for her that moment I saw it happen.
I just cannot deal no more and I have to speak up for her. I was deadass wrong and if the younger girl sees this one day, I apologize. If the older lady sees this, get help.

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