Cooning on the Job

Its 4:30 am and I have a lot of on my spirit.

Before I start, for people that don’t know what a coon is, a coon is a racial slur used by African Americans that describe another African American that acts a fool for others, mainly White people. I have never worked with so many Black “men” that are willing to bend backwards and act foolish for a company. The worst part is that they don’t care about the consequences and repercussions of their actions. I’m getting very tired of dealing with these “men” and “women” that are moving mountains to humiliate other people of color so they can look good. Truthfully, the more I work at my job and think about my previous jobs, the more I’m really considering becoming an entrepreneur. Presently, I’m supposed to be studying for a test but I’m here writing . I enjoy writing and connecting with you guys, I feel like I get more support (good and bad) from y’all than I get from the workplace. Even when I got criticized for the Christianity and Tarot Card Reading post, I didn’t get nasty with that person, I communicated with them respectfully and moved on. Sure, I’ll have more issues online because people aren’t going to like everything I write, but I can block them. I can’t do that at work, I have to deal with rumors, possible meetings with supervisors, and being called “a nappy headed bitch” or “fast”  by other black female coworkers.

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