Dating in 2020 Sucks

I want to be loved and treated with respect. I want to become a wife and a mother, and unfortunately the individual that I dated was just messed up in the head. He wanted to have a baby with me, but he didn’t want to marry me. What the fuck!!!!

Oh and side note, if a man wants a child with you and but does not want to marry, that is a trap. A trap to keep you around and use your child as a way to keep you around forever. Now I have to say, if you don’t want to get married and still want a baby, that’s fine, I mean look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell . I would probably do that if my first marriage didn’t work out. Actually after this previous situation, I would do that as long as we are a happy couple. I just don’t like people that are more into having kids with someone before learning about the person they want to have children. Ex-spouses have more right than a baby mama or baby daddy. Remember that!


Anyways, that was my TED talk for today. Come on and leave a comment, but don’t get crazy.

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