Miro Pure Facial Cleanser Brush Review

I know that I’m going to be looked at like a dirty bird but I’ve been washing my face with a washcloth.
Disgusting 😫. I once heard a comedian say, “once you’ve washed your ass with a bath cloth, it’s no longer a bath cloth , it’s a rag.” So, I went to the magical land of Amazon to go on an adventure for a device that could effectively clean my face. Sweethearts, there were some that were expensive as hell, like $130 (USD). My money is too funny to purchase a $130 facial brush. Anyways, I saw the MiroPure facial brush with some pretty good reviews and bought it for $18.99.



What is the MiroPure Facial Cleansing Brush?

The MiroPure Facial Cleansing Brush has five brushes (top to bottom): pumice applicator, sponge brush, coarse brush, silicone brush, and long ultra fine brush. The pumice applicator is for rough skin. The sponge brush is for massaging and makeup removal. The silicone brush is for sensitive skin and recommended for daily use. The coarse brush (my favorite brush), is for people with nasty deep and dirty pores. The long ultra fine brush is an exfoliating brush. Whichever one that’s most comfortable, you can detach it from the brush. It has two speeds, which is fine because nobody needs a four or five speed brush cleanser for your face. That could cause scarring. Oh! It also has AA batteries in the package, so that’s one less trip to the store.

My Grade

I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 for one reason. The pumice brush. I’m a little nervous about using that attachment because of the harshness and possible scarring that may bruise my face. Besides that, all you have to do is get your favorite cleanser, put it on your face, turn on the brush and rinse your face (and brush) after you finish.  That’s all I have for today guys. Have a good one ❤

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