What Keeps Me Motivated as a Blogger?

Well this was expected but I got a little push from fellow blogger New Lune. I consider her a lifestyle blogger but in her case it’s a bit vague. She doesn’t just blog about beauty. She blogs about her life, blogging tips, and new products.  All these different topics she uses to connect with her readers, she also uses English and French translations.

Well, New Lune  wrote post called 5 Ways to Stay Motivated As A Blogger and it was a sign for me to tell you all my motivation for blogging. Three things that keep me motivated as blogger are: you guys (the readers), my future goals and aspirations, and my sanity.

There’s a section in WordPress call MyStats and you can see how many people see your posts, what posts they’ve viewed and the countries they’re viewing it from. I love it. I love connecting with people from countries that I dream about visiting. When I connect with more people that helps me get an idea of what I want to do with life.
Although I’m in school to earn my degree, I still want to use the blog as a a way to start my own business. Add in social media and maybe it could work. But I’m still realistic, so I’m staying in the books.
Lastly, this blog has helped me express myself in a way that I can’t express myself with people physically.It’s very difficult to try to connect with people that don’t blog , they look at you in a different way.

So fellow bloggers: What keeps you motivated in blogging?

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