Prison Time for COVID-19 Carriers?

Sunday night this environmental cleanup team was doing a deep cleaning. Someone in a neighboring job was showing symptoms and his wife had symptoms, so he called HR and told them he had symptoms for days. He was coming to work with the symptoms!!! If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and you go out in [...]

A Release

I asked God to get rid of people that didn’t benefit my life and he’s done it for me, a few times over. I have my moments when I’m sad and I feel lonely but then I go back to the prayer and it medicates the sadness. I know I deserve better in friendships and [...]

Wigs from Amazon

Summer is coming and I really don't feel like doing my hair too much, plus I have been dealing with some hair issues. So I purchased a wig from Amazon and the quality was nice, unfortunately, the wig was giving me Lord Farquar from Shrek. I will either be sending it to my Aunt or [...]

Nail Therapy

I broke off my situation ship after finding out about his girlfriend. I understand dating different people, but a relationship is another level. There’s so many oddities that stick out now that it’s over, and it has caused a little bit of stress. So what do I  do when I’m stressed out, I do my [...]

I’m Okay

These past three days, I've been dealing with a lot. Ending the situation and Coronavirus (side note: I don't have it) has me laying in bed. Of course, I been crying a little bit but I'm okay. Taking it day by day, listening to Tupac Hit em up.