Worst Day Ever: Midterm Exam Fail

There’s benefits of taking online courses: not going to campus, greater opportunities for managing time, and affordable tuition. Now here’s the downside: not connecting with classmates or professors face to face, missing out on school events, and the frightening bad internet connection. Well ladies and gentlemen, I suffered from bad internet connection last night and now my college career might be in danger.
Why didn’t you take the test earlier Jess?

Well friends, I was out of town for yet another funeral. This one was for my aunt’s brother in law , Lewis. This funeral was in Maryland and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to take my test there because the house was filled with people.
Why didn’t you take the test before you left?
I had to work 12 hours the night before (Thursday) and thought that since I was coming home early Sunday, I was going to be able to take my exam then. If I knew then, what I knew now, I would’ve took the test Thursday afternoon before going to work.
Once I realized that I wasn’t able to take my test, I contacted my advisor and let her know the situation and now I have to wait for my professor to see what he’s going to say. I just want to take my exam. My internet connection is now working and I want to take the test now before work. Hopefully he’ll get my messages because he has a tendency to answer his emails late as hell. I sent attachments and videos of me trying to get on my internet as evidence of me trying to take the test.
Guys, I’m a senior and I just want to graduate this year and I don’t want one small mistake such as bad internet connection be the downfall of me getting my degree. I feel like I’m going to be okay but I’m still a little scared. Next exams, for this course and other courses will be taken at the county library, at least I know the internet connection is dependable.

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