My “Friendship” Ended

I met a girl almost one year ago at my job and we clicked. I felt like I met my soulmate (not in a sexual manner), we talked about spirituality, family and relationships. We got even closer after my uncle passed away.  She stayed in contact with me while I was out of work. We went out and she was actually one of the girls that went out with me for my thirtieth birthday. She would come to my town and hangout with me, which was very sweet. So, imagine the look on my face when I get an angry text message pretty much ending our friendship. That really hurt my heart and truthfully that’s why I don’t like to get close to people because I always end up back alone. Yes, there were some red flags but I ignored them and now I’m in my feelings writing this post. People if someone is showing you the red flags early, please don’t ignore them. Also, that term friend is not a term that should be used lightly Even though the friendship is done, I wish her love and light.

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