When you love someone who doesn’t love you back, it hurts. 2020 sucks major ass. I been in love with someone for over two years but today it’s over. When someone blatantly lied about practically everything  to the point that you question your mental state, it’s time to go. I knew something was off but he was my friend and I loved him. I did something that I never thought I would do, I turned over his phone. But someone or something told me, like a third person was in the room said, “everything you need to know is in that phone.”  “My Wifey” showed up on his phone while we were sleeping together. I cried for a moment when he left but after that, I had a dead feeling overshadow my heart. My love for him had died. I played it cool, so that I could make it home, (didn’t have the car) and act like everything was cool. For all he knows, he thinks that we’re going to go out again. We’re not. We even talked about having children together, for a long time, but that had to be a lie too. I’m thankful that I saw it now because if I was pregnant or had children and saw that message, I would be in jail. I’ll be okay guys, I didn’t want to speak about this here but I have a feeling that this situation will help others.

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