Coronavirus 2020: Scared Shitless

This morning, I went to the grocery store and they were running out of meats. There was no hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, or bleach in Sams. My best Magan is giving birth in two weeks without her family members (except for her husband) because the hospital will not allow visitors in the maternity ward.  One hour ago my governor cancelled schools in my state for two weeks. What about the children that depend on school meals because they can’t afford food at home? What about the college students that were living on campus with no homes? What about the people that can work from home (like myself)? Too many frightening questions that I’m scared to see the final result for. What do you guys think about this Coronavirus?

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus 2020: Scared Shitless

  1. Stores in my area are getting cleaned out too , a lot of people are just plain hoarding stuff and this is really bad for people who really need things or don’t have alot of money. My best advice would be to call stores in advance and ask a manager if they will put a few things aside for you to pick up . Also most stores get in new stock in the mornings and evenings . As for the schools , the best I can say is there needs to be donation boxes or deliveries to those kids in need.

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      1. Someone online said we’re only as healthy as our neighbors are . And I believe this is true . Also I think things to donate would be produce , peanut butter , and bread , as these would be great for kids who may be nutrionally deficit.


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