Coronavirus and My Anxiety

Is it just me or is this Coronavirus causing some stomach aching anxiety?

In my area, there’s only six people in isolation from the Coronavirus and in my state there’s almost 2000 people infected. When I tell you my nerves are a tad bit shot, I’m exaggerating. When I’m home, I wash my hands and put on hand sanitizer, I bleach my doorknobs, and sanitize my cell phone. Oh, when I’m at work we have to wear face masks, I wear two because my job is cheap as hell and the material in the masks are cheap as well. I sanitize my department, the entrance doors to my department, and the elevator buttons and rails. My hands get so ashy that my skin peels. Its bad guys, but I think its time to let the anxiety go because its causing a bit of a depression. Obviously, through the three or four other Coronavirus posts, that’s all I can think about and its causing writers block. That not good. So I’m back to my deep breathing exercises to calm my nerves, before leaving the house and blog writing.



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