After College Fears

I have two more semesters (Summer and Fall) until I graduate from college. Truthfully, I don’t know what I’m going to do after I graduate. Do I want to stay at my present company or do I want to leave? Obviously, I want to leave my department because it’s nothing but a death trap. My biggest fear is to go to another company with the same bulls**t that I’m dealing with at my present. Those concerns opens another avenue: entrepreneurship. With this pandemic, I have really re-considered going into entrepreneurship because some of these companies are treating their “essential” badly. Either its minimal hazard pay, bare minimum PPE, and in some cases (hiding coworker diagnosis). I have heard about three different cases of COVID-19 at my job and its caused a lot of my co-workers to not come to work.

I knew it was time to go back to school. My life was stagnant, and I knew there could be more possibilities in the job market. Now that I’m back, I’m a little excited about the future possibilities. The future is scary but it’s bright and that’s all that matters.

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