Three Red Flags of a Toxic Ass Friend

I loss a friend a couple of months ago and after she ended the friendship, I started to think about the red flags that were there but I ignored them. I want to say this, she has wonderful qualities, she has beautiful qualities but she has some qualities that may harm her relationships. Side note: we met at work.


Violent Tendencies (Verbally)

She would talk about people and truthfully the people she talked about ,  I didn’t like them either. However, she would get a little violent. I’m not going to express what she said because that’s too violent for me. Now, I got a dark side but it never got that dark.

 Hot/Cold Behavior

I noticed near the end of the “friendship” I got this crazy vibe going to her home. I thought it was the alcohol because I drank a lot of vodka without eating.  But this has happened before and I never had the reaction of shakiness throughout my body. We still had a wonderful night. One week after that happened I didn’t talk to her for a while like a week or two. It wasn’t a problem because people have lives and s**t happens. Then, I had exams so I couldn’t see her.  I was able to see her the next day but she wasn’t feeling well so, I went to her area to see her and hangout with her coworkers. Sweethearts, I didn’t know what I was walking into.


I forgot to tell you guys that she was moved to another department because she had a disagreement with another coworker. Now when she was transferred to the other department, she had issues with the coworkers for reasons that were understandable but there was no need for drama. They were pretty cool people with me and I’m a great believer of three sides of the truth: his side, her side, and the truth. So, I tried to stay neutral. Now, I went to see her on the night that we were supposed to hangout but she said she wasn’t feeling well, so I went to check on her. She was on break. Okay I’ll hangout with the guys and learn about the tools in the department and flirt with one of the youngsters 😉 . Now, I forgot to tell you that the youngster is one of the people she didn’t like. Anyways, ten minutes before I left she came back, I gave her a hug and I left. Her aura was completely messed up, but I ignored it and thought it was her being ill. I got a text message pretty much ending the friendship and calling me fake for talking to the people in the room and said the youngster I was talking to looked like he had down syndrome.

The worse part was that, I didn’t care that she had an issue with me because that wasn’t the first time we had issues. My issue was the down syndrome comment. That was the last straw. As I said before, and I will say it again, I think she’s a beautiful person but if she keeps acting like this, she will miss out on a lot of quality relationships.

Tell me your experiences with toxic friends.

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