My Deep Secret from my Family

I have a secret, I haven’t told my relatives that I have a blog. I know it’ll probably come out soon, especially with social media, but I just don’t want to talk to them about it.  I’m proud of my blog, I’ve worked hard and I consider this blog to be a place where I can express myself. However, I have to be brutally honest, I like that my relatives don’t know. Why? Unfortunately, I have relatives that think they know me when they don’t. I write to express myself and I stay to myself. I don’t feel comfortable telling my family that I’m a blogger or that I’m trying to use this blog to catapult myself into becoming an entrepreneur. I tried to use Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman) as an example to a family member and I felt like I was confusing the hell out of her. So, I rebuilt my blog after deleting the first one and four years later I’m still here. Side note: my four year blog anniversary is coming up 😁
When will I tell them? Truthfully, no time soon. Sorry not sorry, I just don’t feel comfortable telling them yet, but when the time comes, I’ll let you guys know.

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