The New Addition to the Blog: True Crime

Since childhood, I was raised around true crime television shows and those stories, fictional and reality were intriguing to me. So, about one month ago I was watching a channel called True Crime Daily and Brittany Vaughn's videos popped up on my recommendations. I watched her videos for hours and then I saw Bailey Sarian's [...]

Back to YouTube I Go

Well after lots of prayer and contemplation, I've made the decision to go back to YouTube. I'm putting everything on this channel from beauty (with a little extra) to diys to just randomness .I'm just ready guys, it's time to have a good time. All the things I bought from Amazon were things for my [...]

School News

I've had some issues with my advisors at my school over something so simple. I took two courses at my previous school, passed them and they transferred to my present school. Unfortunately, the courses are not showing up. Needless to say, I'm a little pissed. I could possibly have my graduation date pushed back based [...]

Dear Amazon

You bald headed harlot, I went to your site to order eyebrow shapers, because your competitor WalMart in my area wanted to be some stingy whores and not have the shapers that I wanted. I found the eyebrow shapers, unfortunately I also purchased $95 of other items as well. Damn you Amazon!!! I love you [...]

Blogging Accountability

After reading my previous posts, I noticed a lot of “I’s” in my sentences. So many that it made me feel selfish. When blogging, a blogger is supposed to connect with the readers. Bloggers are supposed to be selfless. Accountability is essential for blogging in all aspects, whether you’re a tech blogger or food blogger. [...]