Black Lives Matter is not a Gimmick or Publicity Stunt

The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining more traction in a good way and bad way. In a good way, I’m seeing us as a community coming together trying to figure out how to defund the police, opening more black owned businesses, and laws that will hold crooked police officers responsible for the assault and murders of innocent black people. In a bad way, I’m seeing companies using black lives matter as a publicity stunt to keep their workers, investors and customers happy. For example, I received an email that I know for a fact that the CEO did not write.

Here’s a quote from that email: “I stand with George, Breonna, Ahmaud and all of the unjustly oppressed.”

“All of the unjustly oppressed” are mainly black people but because you don’t want to piss off your investors or non-black employees that don’t completely agree with Black Lives Matter.

Quote 2: “We will leverage our diversity of life experiences as a source of strength rather than division.”

How can you use diversity when I researched your organizational chart there’s only one black person that’s at an top executive level? One. Everyone else that has an executive position at this company is white.

Let’s speak some facts, that email I received and other public statements that I have seen on company Instagram accounts have been crafted by someone in marketing. They don’t want to lose money and they don’t want black people that work for them to revolt against them. I can say the same about a certain celebrity that used their platform to send a monotone black lives matter message but used “people of color”. 🗣It’s black people out here being killed, not people of color. People of color means non-black people as well and in this case and numerous cases of police brutality the main people affected are black people.

What do you think of these companies using black lives matter as a gimmick?

Peace and Light,

Jessica ❤️

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter is not a Gimmick or Publicity Stunt

  1. There is so much of this going on in the UK too. Media companies especially (including the one I work for) are putting out endless statements supporting Black Lives Matter without actually addressing how they can do better or even considering looking at racism within their own organisations. I feel many need to put their money where their mouth is, actions speak louder than words. I know I can do more on a personal level and am committed to learning, acting and speaking out.

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