Dear Shane Dawson

Trigger Warning: Bad language and sexual content.

Fuck You Shane Dawson. I wanted this to be my first video on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately, I knew either you, your silly fans or YouTube as a corporation would demonetize the video or even worse, strike my channel. Last year or two years ago, it was you talking about sexually assaulting a cat. This year, it’s you on video pretending to masturbate to an underage girl, which happens to be Willow Smith . In addition to acts done to a picture of an eleven year old Willow Smith, you sexualize a six year old child. I don’t even care about the times that you’ve worn black face and dropped the N-word. Those actions are minuscule to the safety of humans (especially children) and animals.
Besides you not being legally apprehended for your actions, you have a corporation (YouTube and Google) that stands behind you and other You Tubers that commit disturbing acts. They would rather go against the You Tubers that speak the truth and actually do true journalism. I have heard about the other You Tubers that have their channels striked or demonetized for speaking on your actions. YouTube and Google need to get rid of your channel and never let you get another channel. Anyone who collaborates with you should have their channels striked and videos demonetized. Jeffery Star I haven’t forgot about you, you’re just for another day. Your days of sexualizing young children are numbered and although it’ll be unfortunate, I know that there will be more videos of your brainless actions. YouTube, the ignorance that you exude for your racist, sexist and colorist “creators” is deafening. The support for the wrong people will be the reason that you lose all the good ones you have left. So my questions to YouTube is: Why are you censoring the truth? Why are you silencing the true content creators? It’s time to start punishing the “creators” that like to spread hate. It’s time to take their money away. It’s time to strike and delete their channels indefinitely.

Do you guys think that Shane Dawson and other “creators” with racist, sexist, and colorist tendencies have their channels deleted?

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