Nothing wrong with Dreaming

You won't believe what I purchased the other day on Amazon. I bought a pack of Sesame Street onesies. Now, remember I'm single, with no children, but my crazy ass bought baby clothes. I have to believe, I have to believe that there's a possibility of me becoming a mom and wife. My dating life [...]

Final Four

I got four days before I gotta go back to classes. Truthfully, I’m excited to see what new adventures this semester has for me. Plus I’m closer to graduating, which could be the possibility of leaving my dead end job. Possibly.

Bedroom History

If you have a history of having sex with trash people, you might need to re-evaluate your life. Soul ties are real and condoms can't protect you from their bullshit. Have a good day. I’m on social media too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

My Biggest Dream

My biggest dream is to become a wife and mother, and have an emotionally stable family. To have my own business because (and no offense to my present job) but I don't want to keep making money for companies that don't care about the people that help keep their business going. To pay for my [...]