Even though I don’t know if I got into my number one school, I still need to look at scholarships. Why? Well ladies and gentlemen, when you go to a US college or university, for the students with lower and middle class income we have to get financial aid or FAFSA. Now FAFSA is given […]

I’m Not Gay

I think some of my family members think I’m gay. I have never brought a man home to meet my relatives, with the exception of my high school friend Ivan and I believe we’re distant relatives. Another guy named Anthony,  I know he’s a relative because we have the same last name and he has […]

Confused as Hell

How in the world in this age of technology  do you not have electronic mail aka email? I finally got my transcripts and I thought that I could just have the transcripts sent by email like my other transcript. Oh no that would be too easy, I have to send my transcripts through the mail. […]