My Face is Screwed up Once Again

I bought the Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash and it has burned my face. I am officially done with trying products that are messing up my skin. I've wasted so much money trying to fix or at least handle my skin issues just to be disappointed. But there's a silver lining. I've purchased [...]

DIY Sugaring Fail

So lets talk about my epic DIY sugaring failure. I've been wanting to try an organic way of removing hair instead of using Nair and razor blades. I made a typical, vegan lemon-lime sugar wax and it came out good but I kind of put the wax on my leg when my hair was a [...]

How Do We Know?

I've been researching on essential oils and I'm a bit lost. How do we know ? How do we know that these products are packed full of vitamins or omega-3's? How the hell do we know? You know what? We don't know unless we test it out and look through the reviews. Here's the extra [...]