Goodbye Alcohol (For Now)

DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!! I went out with a dear friend last night and I drank a little bit too much. I messed up when I only ate soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Big mistake, when you drink a vast amount of alcohol, please eat a full meal (particularly an American meal of burgers and fries). Eat [...]

Coming Soon

Workplace Rant part two is coming soon, because I have some real bullshit going on at work. That’s all I can say, some real bullshit. Sorry for the language but I have to speak the truth.

What in the Hell?

My rental book is so full of highlighter ink, I think the last person dipped it in ink. When you’re renting something you expect for the product to be in at least 90 to 95 percent of the pages to be neat. I have this book that’s full of ink and another that I’m scared [...]