Mr. Military

Last year, I was involved with a young man who has the outta sight, outta mind syndrome. Outta sight outta mind syndrome is when a lover is great with you face to face but when they don’t see you, they pretty much forget that you existed. Well this previous situation happened last summer and for […]

Friends My Ass

I can’t lie anymore. My heart is broken and I feel stupid as hell for it. I feel dumb for letting you in and treating you like a boyfriend when you didn’t want me as a girlfriend. I thought for a second that maybe if we kept communicating and spending time together that we would […]


The apology came after I expressed myself but I just don’t have the same feelings for him. I feel like my time with him is officially over. If I have to keep telling you that you’re doing wrong, then I need to stop. I hope that he does better with the next person and that […]


I’m disgusted that I wasted my time on someone who never cared about me. I’m disgusted that I gave my heart and almost my complete body to someone who just wanted another story for his friends. I’m disgusted that I cried my eyes out during my times of being betrayed just to realize that it […]