My Biggest Dream

My biggest dream is to become a wife and mother, and have an emotionally stable family. To have my own business because (and no offense to my present job) but I don't want to keep making money for companies that don't care about the people that help keep their business going. To pay for my [...]

TWB: Traveling While Black

Cairo, Egypt Hawaii Iceland Belize Houston, Texas (of course for Beyoncé) New Orleans, Louisiana London, England (God Bless Princess Diana) Canada (either Toronto or Vancouver) Miami , Florida Australia ( Sydney Opera House) I’m young and beautiful with a strong desire for adventure. I know that sounds like an OKCUPID profile opening but it’s the [...]

Dear Self

Stop sweating the small stuff girl, you have so much going for yourself and to let it go over things that are so miniscule. Stop depending on people for your happiness only you and Christ can bring that, no one else. Be bold, unleash the woman that you are ready to become. You know you [...]

New Beginnings

In my short life I've came to one realization: There's more to life than just a paycheck. We all gotta gift that God has given us to share with the world. I would rather try to use my gift to help others than to live a lie. I'm going to become a freelance writer. It's [...]