Dear Self

Stop sweating the small stuff girl, you have so much going for yourself and to let it go over things that are so miniscule. Stop depending on people for your happiness only you and Christ can bring that, no one else. Be bold, unleash the woman that you are ready to become. You know you […]

New Beginnings

In my short life I’ve came to one realization: There’s more to life than just a paycheck. We all gotta gift that God has given us to share with the world. I would rather try to use my gift to help others than to live a lie. I’m going to become a freelance writer. It’s […]

A Vision Wall

I bought some stickie notes yesterday to write my ideas down but I felt like something was missing. I looked around my room and saw the cappachino colored walls as a poster. So I’ve been putting my ideas and goals on my wall and it’s been great. I feel so much better being able to […]

Work Life

From the gas station to a LED company,  seriously I’m now a semiconductor machine operator. Least to say, I’m very thankful for the upgrade but with the upgrade comes the bull. I’ve  been at my new job for almost three months so now I’m done with the honeymoon phase. If it’s not going working through […]

Mom’s Help

Parents can be so complicated. Thursday morning I had three companies call me for interviews and I was absolutely excited, I thought my financial woes would be dead for the new year, I was wrong. If you guys don’t know I do not have transportation with the exception of Mommie Dearest, so when I told […]