Failed Again

Once again I’ve failed another damn test for my Intermediate Accounting course. Now I’m here looking crazy as hell trying to figure out how I’m going to leave this course with a B. I gotta have a B to pass the course and I’m not passing. I know I can do it but I just […]


Even though I don’t know if I got into my number one school, I still need to look at scholarships. Why? Well ladies and gentlemen, when you go to a US college or university, for the students with lower and middle class income we have to get financial aid or FAFSA. Now FAFSA is given […]

Nervous and Excited

Happy Cookout and a Day off Work! Sorry peeps, I can’t celebrate a country that’s still treating Black people and other people of color like third class citizens. Especially when there’s small children in concentration camps. As you all know, I’m in school now taking some courses at the local community college . I made […]