Back in School: Spring Semester

I’m back in school guys!! I’m full time and I’m hopeful.  I have classes like Business Law and Fraud Analysis and as much I know I’m going to be busy, I know it’ll be worth it. So for people that are back in school , what classes are you in for the semester and how [...]

Final Four

I got four days before I gotta go back to classes. Truthfully, I’m excited to see what new adventures this semester has for me. Plus I’m closer to graduating, which could be the possibility of leaving my dead end job. Possibly.

Finals Week

I have two more exams to go guys. One in about one hour, and the other is tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck, I really don’t want to retake these classes. I know I passed two classes but I’m a little nervous about these last two.  I really struggled throughout the semester because I was depressed [...]

After Friday

Friday is my last day of my first semester. Hopefully, I pass all of my classes because I do not want to retake these classes. My lessons of the first semester are: time management is key, schedule your time for family and friends, don’t tell anyone your next move.

Learning from Failure

I made a mistake when I returned to college, I didn’t listen to my intuition. I went into school as an accounting major thinking that it would be financially wise. Sure, an accounting major is a great degree to earn but if you’re not happy or the information is not sticking, more than likely, you [...]

Failed Again

Once again I’ve failed another damn test for my Intermediate Accounting course. Now I’m here looking crazy as hell trying to figure out how I’m going to leave this course with a B. I gotta have a B to pass the course and I’m not passing. I know I can do it but I just [...]