Cleaning up my IG

For almost one hour I deleted some pictures from my Instagram account. Some of those videos, I cringed so bad I wanted to hide under my bed. Luckily I don’t have a large following. Some videos were so harsh that I’m very thankful that I made the decision to look back and delete those posts.

Happy Thursday

For you guys it’s the day before Friday and you don’t have to work Saturday and Sunday. For me, I gotta work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I’m going to savor this day until I go to sleep. Enjoy your day, whether you’re at work or home, enjoy your day and be thankful to still [...]


I’m off from work tonight and it feels so good. Especially when you work at a job where you’re being taken advantage of. So I have to be completely honest guys, my job was the another reason I went back to school. I’m working at a job that’s not open to growth, although they say [...]

I’m Not Gay

I think some of my family members think I'm gay. I have never brought a man home to meet my relatives, with the exception of my high school friend Ivan and I believe we're distant relatives. Another guy named Anthony,  I know he's a relative because we have the same last name and he has [...]