Youtubers Caught Scamming

I believe its time to unveil the scams these youtubers are committing to get our money. I have a top ten list of youtubers that have been scamming their subscribers . Its time and if you guys have youtubers in mind for me to check out please tell me.

Google Adsense Fumble

I had to delete my YouTube channel because of a mix up with Google Adsense. I had two accounts which is against Google Adsense, so I put my videos on unlisted and now I’m starting fresh. I was contemplating starting another YouTube channel because I had show reviews instead the main things I talk about [...]

I Need Help

You guys I’m trying to get a camera for the blog and the YouTube channel and it’s been really hard. I’ve been looking high and low, and it’s ended in dead ends. I don’t want to overwork my iPhone, I already screenshot my notes for school and my phone is acting funny. So the question [...]

Show Recap

Guys I just wanted to let you all know that I put my 90 Day Fiance review on the blog. Its a long one and now I gotta do another episode and add on two more victims of desperation. Click here for the blog post Click here for the youtube recap